I worked as an environment artist on the Zombies mode in Call of Duty: World War 2 at Sledgehammer Games. I worked primarily as a world builder and owned several main gameplay spaces in this mode. So far, I have worked on 8 production levels and was responsible for modeling, texturing, uving, and look-developing gameplay spaces. I constructed both final level architecture and a variety of hero props for these levels, from a machine that spans an entire room to a sinister looking Jack in the Box that also becomes a weapon in the game.

I’ve included screenshots taken from our promotional materials and trailers that showcase environment and gameplay spaces that I was responsible for throughout development. This includes the modeling, texturing, look-development, and set dressing of the environments. These trailers showcase only a small portion of my contributions to the game.


The Final Reich

My contributions to The Final Reich largely focused on 1st, 2nd, and final passes of level geometry of the inner bunker areas, particularly the central command area and the Medical Wing/ Chop Shop. Other areas of focus were the Bridge, the Catacombs beneath the town, the Castle Courtyard leading into the Research and Development wing, and large parts of the level’s vista. I made numerous contributions to the town itself but it was mostly focused on full-revising or second pass modeling of various structures. I wholly rebuilt the clock tower “crown” to match the ornateness of the riverside tower I wholly constructed.

The Darkest Shore

The Shadowed Throne

 Groesten House