I work as an environment artist at Sledgehammer Games. There, I shipped Call of Duty: World War 2 and its accompanying DLC season as well as Spyro 3, on which I did both art and design


Call of Duty World War 2: Zombies

A very special thanks to the following:
Gerardo Garza (Env Lead and Art Direction), Mark Bolak (Senior Env Artist), Chris Edwards (Env Artist), Amanda Chavez (Env Artist), Jesse Lee (Concept), Luka (Lighting), Ryan Shevlin(VFX), Lawrence Mai (additional Art Direction).

The Final Reich

My contributions to The Final Reich largely focused on 1st, 2nd, and final passes of level geometry of the inner bunker areas, particularly the central command area and the Medical Wing/ Chop Shop. Other areas of focus were the Bridge, the Catacombs beneath the town, the Castle Courtyard leading into the Research and Development wing, and large parts of the level’s vista. I made numerous contributions to the town itself but it was mostly focused on full-revising or second pass modeling of various structures. I wholly rebuilt the clock tower “crown” to match the ornateness of the riverside tower I wholly constructed.

The Darkest Shore

The Shadowed Throne

The Tortured Path

The Frozen Dawn

Groesten House


Additional levels:

Groesten House Multiplayer

The Groesten House Zombies map was ported to MP. They modified the layout a bit. Fun to see our map used for MP.